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    We work with brokers to craft custom lending solutions where the banks aren't willing to make it work. We're here to make your client's borrowing experience as smooth as possible.

  • We are a successful funding source for brokers, not a middleman.

    As a private lenders, we are able to be more creative, reliable, and flexible to you and your client’s needs. Our lean management structure allows us fast turnaround times to satisfy even the most motivated clients.

  • We have all the tools and resources to help you move your mortgage deal from start to finish.

    • I was very pleased and happy with the service that Alex provided. He is very personable as well as thorough with his work. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

      Shantelle C., Borrower, Victoria, BC

    • Being in business for over 30 years, I've had the pleasure of working with many companies, and even more people. In my experience, they are amongst the best I've ever worked with.

      Duane R., Realtor, Edmonton, AB

    • I have found Alt Mortgages very thorough and competitive. They have the ability and take the time to look at mortgage deals no matter how complex.

      Zane Z., Mortgage Broker, Vancouver, BC

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      Our lean management structure allows us to provide fast turn around for your time-sensitive closings, and at competitive rates, to boot.

      Submit your deal summary supported by a signed application, credit bureau, and appraisal to funding@altmortgages.ca. The more information you provide, the better.

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      Whether you would like us to issue a commitment, or prefer to issue your own, we're here to help remove any stress in bringing your deal to funding.

      Login to our resource centre for templates of our standard documents. Files that are well organized at the submission stage are more efficiently processed.

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      Once any conditions of our commitment have been met, our lawyer will prepare and send the appropriate documents to the borrower's legal advisor prior to funding.

      Funds can be advanced as fast as the borrower returns an executed document package. Use our resource centre to download a list of funding requirements.

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    We take a common sense approach to underwriting. We're up front with you so you can be up front with your client.

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    A broker's clients had lost six months of income due to illness. As a result, they had to use consumer credit to get by. The unemployment, and the reduction of household income made the bank unwilling to refinance.

    Our Solution
    Using the property value determined by a recent tax assessment, we were able to provide a second mortgage of $60,000 at 49% LTV, in exchange for monthly interest-only payments of $347.50, greatly increasing the client's cash flow.

    The Alt Express Consolidation gave the client the breathing room that was needed until the spouse went back to work.

    Notes: 6.95% per annum* plus applicable fees such a 1.95% lender fee, 1.95% broker fee, estimated legal and registration costs of $1500. *Final APR= 13.35%

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