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At ALT Mortgages, we provide first and second mortgages secured by residential real estate. Canada’s top mortgage brokers use us to provide flexible mortgage solutions to borrowers who are purchasing or refinancing their new or existing home.

Our mortgage products are designed to help individuals and businesses obtain custom financing solutions that are tailored to their specific financing needs. Our financing solutions have helped the mortgage industry provide hundreds of first time home buyers, self employed, stated income, and low beacon clients with flexible private mortgage financing throughout BC, AB, MB, and ON.

We are a Private Lender, not a Mortgage Investment Corporation ( MIC ). We have competitive interest rates, and take a common sense approach to underwriting our files. When you submit a deal to ALT Mortgages, you are dealing directly with a private lender, which allows you to receive an approval faster and save your client money.

If you are a mortgage professional, and have a deal that you would like to discuss, call 604-568-4063 or email I am happy to give you a quick answer on your deal, and provide you with the best mortgage we have available.

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